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Aleppo (Syria). 26 November. Interfax – Over 200 thousand students in the Syrian city of Aleppo wrote the dictation of peace and charity, called “One City – One Heart” – leaves with the text scattered from a helicopter over the eastern part of the city, which is under the control of militants.
Each student added dictation few suggestions from you personally.

Russian Centre for reconciliation of the parties on the territory of the CAP constantly humanitarian actions to support the local population. Another humanitarian aid delivered by the Russian Center for Reconciliation freed from Aleppo district of insurgents al Sephira, amounted to 3 tons of food packages.

“It was decided to hold it here for humanitarian action, as it is one of the most populated areas in need of an administrative district, adjacent to Aleppo”, – said the representative of the Center for Danil Rychkov.

In one of the local bakeries that provide most of the village bread, brought one ton of Russian flour. The bread which vypekut from this flour, locals and refugees blown free.

Source: militaryrussia.ru