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According to “Al-Masdar News” military source, over 400 rebel combatants and related family members will leave Khan al-Shieh in West Ghouta of Damascus countryside (Rif Dimashq) and transfer to the Jaysh Al Fateh stronghold of Idlib located at northwestern Syria.
On Saturday, the Syrian Government’s green busses will officially enter Khan al-Shieh to facilitate the transfer of Rebels. Full evacuation of rebels in Khan Al Shieh will be done gradually in next week.

Several hundred others will effectively disband and have their cases settled by local authorities in accordance with Bashar Al Assad’s amnesty decree for insurgents.

In addition, rebel forces will surrender all their heavy and medium weaponry to the Syrian Armed Forces while the latter will be given maps of mine fields and tunnels in the area.

From last week the town of Khan Al Shieh has not witnessed any clashes at all and relations between the warring parties have improved significantly.

Source: en.alalam.ir