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​Russian Defense Ministry said on Saturday that no Russian, Syrian airstrikes have been carried out on sites of terrorists in Aleppo over last 19 days despite the terrorists’ continued provocations.
“A humanitarian pause was applied in Aleppo on November 4 from 9am until 7pm and gunmen were given an opportunity to leave the city without any obstacles, evacuate sick and injured people, as well as release civilians that wanted to leave eastern districts of Aleppo,” The Russian defense Ministry’s spokesman Igor Konshenkov added in a press statement.
“Meanwhile, Syrian army forces withdrew their vehicles at a distance from the humanitarian corridors specified for the exit of armed groups  to leave Aleppo eastern neighborhoods,  as well, buses and ambulances for evacuating sick and injured people were parked near the corridors,” Konshenkov said.
He added that the armed groups in eastern Aleppo fired mortars on the humanitarian corridor of Castillo although they had information about the presence of buses, ambulances and journalists there.
The Russian military official affirmed that the gunmen shelled those areas with mortars and gas cylinders, injuring two Russian officers and tow Syria soldiers.