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MOSCOW. Dec 20 (Interfax) – A political settlement of the conflict in Syria is the only way that can ensure the observance of the Syrian people’s rights and freedoms, Chinese Ambassador to Russia Li Hui said in an interview with Interfax.
“The situation in Syria is currently complicated and sensitive, violence and conflicts are continuing, and prospects for negotiations are unclear. China remains firmly committed to a political resolution of the Syria problem, believes that the Syrian people themselves should determine the Syrian state’s future on a sovereign basis, and supports the unrelenting efforts being made by the parties concerned to attain this end,” he said.
China “supports efforts to defend international security that are being applied by other countries, including Russia, and understands and supports the fight against international terrorism in keeping with international law in the countries that have become targets for its attacks,” he said.
“We call on all parties to the conflict as soon as possible to combine their efforts and start a comprehensive political transition process without preconditions and without prejudging its results, involving as many parties to the conflict as possible, so that the Syrian people could eventually determine the future of their state on a sovereign basis, with the international community’s and the UN Security Council’s support,” Li said.

Source: interfax.com