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​According to emerging reports from several sources on social media, Egypt will deploy troops to Syria. The troops will not engage in offensives, and will serve as a “peacekeeping” force, defending cities under the control of the Syrian government.
Since the Russian Air Force (RUAF) intervened in the conflict in September 2015, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has been able to score significant gains against the armed opposition. Notable successes include the liberation of the Kuweires airbase and the entirety of Syria’s largest city, and economic hub, Aleppo.
Egypt’s deployment of troops to Syria will give pro-government forces a boost, and it could potentially be more significant than the air support provided by Russia. It should be noted that Russia has deployed a limited number of special forces on the ground, and has also heavily invested in Syria’s Armed Forces for several decades. 
Although the Egyptian soldiers won’t be actively fighting, their presence could allow for thousands of pro-government militias to be deployed to key battlefronts, such as Idlib, Latakia, Homs and Deraa. Many followers of events in Syria severely underestimate the number of fighters required to hold large cities and villages in Syria.
However, for it to have a big effect, Egypt will need to deploy a large number of fighters. At this moment in time, this sort of information is not available.

Either way, Egyptian troops on Syrian soil (in support of the SAA) will benefit President Assad’s government, as it will be a show of solidarity, and will also make the Israeli Air Force more cautious when targeting Hezbollah weapon shipments, as it won’t want to damage its ties with Egypt by accidentally targeting its soldiers.

Source: damascusinsider.com